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Jan 04, 2018 (0) comment

Baby it’s cold outside! Temperatures throughout the country have been bitterly cold this winter season. Here in Sterling Virginia we recently had a ‘Real Feel’ temperature of -8 degrees Fahrenheit, how is that even possible?! Based on the forecast, cold weather seems to be here to stay. Now is the time for homeowners and landlords to turn their attention to preventing cold-weather home disasters.

Use these simple, proactive tips to help minimize the potential for water damage and keep your home protected this winter season:

1) Install an automatic water shut-off device in your home that automatically shuts off the water
when a leak is detected.

2) Install a backup generator, which will allow fast and automatic delivery of power during an outage.

3) Prevent ice damming from your roof with these easy steps:

  • Install a rooftop snow melt system
  • Keep drains & gutters free of debris that could cause build up
  • Insulate light fixtures in the ceiling below any unheated attic space

4) Install low temperature sensors in unheated spaces. A low temperature sensor will alert you when temperatures fall near that point of concern, giving you time to react and prevent potential damage to your home, valuables and property.

McLean Insurance is always looking for ways to make sure you’re protected and help you avoid the unexpected. Simple, proactive steps can help you minimize water damage or even prevent it from happening in the first place.

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