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Business owners are always thinking of the best ways to keep their company thriving and successful: from hiring the best employees to choosing the right business insurance coverage. Sometimes there are instances, out of the business owner’s control, when operations come to a halt. In many cases, operations are shut down because of weather related issues. If power goes out, significant losses can occur.

In order to avoid weather or power outage related business interruptions McLean Insurance recommends getting a back up generator. Over the past few years the NOVA area has had extreme weather, from tropical storms to earthquakes and blizzards. Purchasing a back up generator for your business should be a part of your risk prevention process.

When a company’s building loses power, business operations freeze which causes a loss in productivity and can have an impact on your assets. Having consistent power in your office building is also needed for electrical appliances, technology equipment, security systems, a/c & heating units, among others. In some cases systems or equipment can malfunction during a power outage also. The costs associated with other forms of ‘Back Up Power’ are higher than those associated with using a backup generator.

Generators can play an essential part of risk prevention planning for businesses of every size because they reduce business disruption. There are two types of generators to consider: Permanent or Portable.


A Permanent Standby Generator remains outside your business continuously. While a Standby Generator is more expensive, they offer some luxuries and conveniences over a Portable generator. In extreme weather, nothing is more inconvenient than having to set up a generator in rain, snow or other severe conditions. A Standby Generator is generally fuel sourced and monitors incoming utility voltage. So, when power goes out, the transfer switch will disconnect the utility line and connect new power from the generator and usually restore power within seconds.

Portable-GeneratorPortable Generators are more affordable and can back up the vital electrical items necessary during a power outage. A portable generator is usually compact and can be stored and wheeled out as needed. Portable Generators use gasoline to operate so be sure to use carbon monoxide detectors in your office building.

McLean Insurance wants to assist their clients in preventing risks and inconveniences before they arise. We provide comprehensive business coverage to protect businesses from risks that can’t be avoided. To learn more, please visit: http://www.mcleaninsurance.com/services/risk-management/

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