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If you are a business owner, seeing your company grow and succeed is very rewarding. You take pride in overseeing the daily operations while also being aware of the financial costs it takes to keep your business going. However, have you ever thought what would happen to your company if you became disabled? Obviously, business expenses don’t stop accruing if a disability causes a reduction to your company’s income.Business Overhead Disability Insurance

A Business Overhead Disability Insurance policy can give business owners peace of mind. This policy would pay for the insured’s business overhead expenses in the event they become disabled. And best of all, premiums are generally tax deductible as a business expense!

The following business overhead expenses are typically covered by a Business Overhead Disability Policy:

  • Rent
  • Interest payments on business debts
  • Utilities
  • Employees’ salaries and payroll taxes
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Rental, lease, or depreciation of office equipment
  • Taxes on the business property location
  • Insurance premiums (Workers’ Compensation, Medical Insurance etc)
  • Accounting fees

In some instances a Business Overhead Disability Policy can mean the difference between staying open or having to close a business. This policy also assists in maintaining a good relationship with employees, customers, vendors and creditors.

Contact McLean Insurance today to learn how we can customize a Business Overhead Disability Policy that suits your company’s needs.

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