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Captive Insurance

Captives have become a popular risk-management tool for organizations seeking greater control over managing their insurance needs. Writing policies through your own captive insurance company has many benefits, including:

  • Greater control of claims
  • Custom risk coverage for your business and industry
  • Upgraded tax planning benefits
  • Investment Income
  • Estate Planning benefits
  • Secured loans from your captive to your operating company
  • Avoiding unpredictable standard market price swings

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Why should a business owner consider a Captive?

A Commercial insurance certainly has its strengths, but an alternative risk-planning program that includes the formation of a captive can combat specific industry risks that have the potential to significantly slow business operations and reduce a company's revenue.

What is Captive?

A Captive management allows businesses or groups to self-insure. It is called a 'captive' because it is often set up by its owners to insure the risks of the parent organization and any affiliated subsidiaries. Owners stabilize coverage for their specific risks while participating in the underwriting profit and investment income. In addition, owners are able to control the processing of claims, have flexibility with policy provisions, and gain special cash flow advantages.

What kind of Coverage is included?

  • Workers Compensation
  • General Liability
  • Automobile Liability
  • Physical Damage

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