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Life is full of risks, but there is plenty McLean Insurance can do to help you address risks so your business can reach its full potential. Best of all, we make it easy to enjoy the protection, peace of mind and cost-savings that come from taDrug-Testing-Insurance-Riskking a strong, proactive approach to risk management.

McLean Insurance’s TrueRisk™ Program reduces worries, liabilities and costs. Part of our TrueRisk™ Plan is identifying how to reduce or even eliminate specific risk factors. A common recommendation for businesses is implementing drug testing.

There are many benefits to workplace drug testing:

Employee Safety: Companies that require employees to operate machinery, travel, work with children or do manual labor should require drug testing for the safety of everyone involved. Drug testing before a person starts work will ensure they aren’t using a drug that could cause harm to themselves or others while on the job.

Security: Pre-employment and even random drug testing helps business owners feel confident that their employees are working consistently and productively.

Reputation Management: Some companies administer drug testing to show their trustworthiness to their customers and clients. Their employees’ performance and professionalism is a reflection of their image and services.

Drug Problem Prevention: Screening potential employees may detect someone with a drug abuse problem. A drug problem can be associated with a variety of inconveniences and risks like being unreliable, showing up late to work, stealing or being unfocused on the job.

McLean Insurance created our own proprietary risk assessment system, the TrueRisk Profile to identify your company’s strengths and vulnerabilities with regard to everything from rising costs and employee theft, to possible exposure to legal and financial liabilities. To learn more, please visit: http://www.mcleaninsurance.com/learn/our-risk-management-system/

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