Fleet Management Solutions

McLean Insurance understands that safe driving is good for business.

As a business owner with multiple commercial vehicles, would you like to…

  • Identify unsafe employee driving habits?
  • Be able to pinpoint and track vehicle location in real time?
  • Identify unauthorized vehicle use?
  • Discover ways to decrease fuel consumption?

To assist you with your fleet management, McLean Insurance has partnered with FleetDaddy. FleetDaddy is a secure web-based fleet management system with real-time GPS vehicle tracking. The system allows better management insight and strengthens operation control.

FleetDaddy puts YOU, the business owner, in the driver’s seat of each vehicle you have on the road. Through wireless technology and web-based software, you will have immediate, around-the-clock insight to observe employee driving performance, plan and view individual vehicle routing, receive scheduled maintenance alerts, minimize fuel and insurance costs, and increase operational safety and productivity.

FleetDaddy is an innovative Fleet Management Solution

There are multiple benefits to operating commercial vehicles with a FleetDaddy system:

Risk & Safety

  • Improve driving behavior & safety
  • Identify & implement safety improvements
  • Reduce fraud & improve theft recover
  • Qualify for insurance premium discounts

Customer Satisfaction

  • Plan the most efficient route
  • Find & dispatch the closest vehicle
  • Pinpoint & predict exact arrival times
  • Let customers track assets, packages or cargo with TrackShare

Vehicle Operations

  • Reduce required vehicle maintenance
  • Identify drivers causing excessive vehicle wear
  • Manage vehicle service history & records
  • Get alerts about the drivers license, insurance & registration renewals

Fuel Efficiency

  • Eliminate engine idling
  • Get the best miles per gallon performance from every driver
  • Select routes that decrease fuel consumption
  • Identify & eliminate unauthorized use

Take advantage of all the fleet management risk solutions FleetDaddy has to offer by visiting: fleetdaddy.com.