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As the summer weather sets in, it’s important not to underestimate the danger of high temperatures. Summer storms and even extreme heat can cause power outages that last for days.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about 400 Americans due each year from the summer heat. Furthermore, the National Weather Service claims excessive heat is the number one weather-related killer, causing more fatalities per year than floods, lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms and extreme cold.

  1. If a power outage occurs in your area during the summer season, be sure to take the proper steps to maintain your safety and comfort until power is restored.
  2. Remember to call your electric utility immediately to report the outage.
  3. Dress in loose, lightweight clothing and stay on the coolest, lowest level of your home.
  4. Keep windows open to catch the breeze
  5. Drink plenty of water and avoid heavy meals, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks.
  6. Keep refrigerator or freezer doors closed. A freezer that is half full or full can keep foods frozen 24 to 48 hours. Foods can stay safe in an unopened refrigerator up to four hours. If an outage lasts longer than four hours, remove and pack meat, milk and other dairy products in a cooler with ice.
  7. Use safe alternative food preparations. A barbecue grill is an excellent way to prepare food. Always grill outside.
  8. Keep your window coverings closed to block out the sun
  9. Spend your time in the lowest level of your house and consider spending your time with A/C during the day to get refreshed
  10. Stay hydrated and reduce physical activities during the hottest parts of the day

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