Our Risk Management System

Life is full of risks, but there is plenty McLean Insurance can do to help you address risks so your business can reach its full potential. Best of all, we make it easy to enjoy the protection, peace of mind and cost-savings that come from taking a strong, proactive approach to risk management.

McLean Insurance’s TrueRisk™ Program reduces worries, liabilities and costs
— in two simple steps:

TrueRisk™ Profile:
Drawing on more than 40 years of experience in risk management, McLean Insurance created our own proprietary risk assessment system, the TrueRisk Profile. Using this system, we identify your strengths and vulnerabilities with regard to everything from rising costs and employee theft, to possible exposure to legal and financial liabilities.

TrueRisk™ Plan:
Using the results of the TrueRisk™ Profile, we identify how to reduce — even eliminate — your specific risk factors. Recommendations might include implementing drug testing, fleet management, safety training, employee policies and education, best practices, business continuity planning, and other proven programs and technologies. And to protect against risks that can’t be entirely controlled, we may recommend specific types of insurance. It’s important to note that the non-insurance solutions we recommend often lower the cost of those insurance premiums to help drive even more profits to your bottom line.

You come away with a comprehensive, custom risk management plan. McLean Insurance can then help you put the recommendations and policies in place. Or, you can take the plan and put all the programs and policies in place yourself. It’s your choice. Either way, you can trust that you’re at work with a thorough and completely objective risk management plan.

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