Risk Management Tools

At McLean Insurance, we give our clients two kinds of risk management tools: insurance policies for the risks that can’t be avoided, and best-practice solutions for addressing the risks that can be reduced or eliminated. These best-practice solutions include tools offered by authorized McLean Insurance partners.  Our advisors can incorporate these tools into your custom risk management plan, or they can connect you with these tools as stand-alone solutions for challenges you may be facing.

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Here is a quick overview of some of the risk management tools we recommend:

Fleet Management and Employee Safe-Driving

McLean Insurance can connect you with authorized partners who specialize in telematics and fleet management. Using these services, you can track everything from where your vehicles have been driven to the driving habits of your employees. This data can then be translated into employee training and safe-driving incentives, route planning, preventive maintenance and better customer service. Telematics can also help you gain vital new control over fuel consumption.

In just six months, the fuel savings alone often pay for the cost of the entire telematics program and drive more profits to your business’s bottom line. Plus, the use of telematics can reward you with lower premiums on your commercial vehicle insurance policies.

Drug Testing

Employee drug testing is essential in maintaining performance and protecting your company from legal liability. McLean Insurance is your link to some of the best alcohol and drug testing services in the field.

Our authorized partner can create a customized substance abuse policy and the right testing policy for your specific workforce and business needs. This can include saliva, urine and hair testing as well as access to a Medical Review Officer (MRO).

Retail Loss Prevention and Customer Data-Analysis

McLean Insurance can help you take advantage of new technologies designed to track specific employee and customer activities and use them to drive next-level performance for your restaurant or retail store. With solutions that go far beyond just surveillance, you can be at work with daily performance reports which spotlight specific areas where training or corrective actions can make a difference. From reducing operational costs, shoplifting and employee theft, to improving productivity and the customer experience, these technologies can help drive more profits to the bottom line.

Medical Billing and Accounts Receivable Management

Slow payments, insurance issues and other billing problems can play havoc with cash flow and the financial stability of your medical practice. McLean Insurance can connect you with experts in medical billing and accounts receivable management who can help you take the risk and delay out of getting paid for your services.

Our authorized partner can take over every aspect of billing for you, including real-time claim scrubbing and eligibility checks, data capture and correction, professional credentialing, denial management and insurance follow-up, treasury and banking solutions, patient billing and online bill payment, Web-based reporting, and electronic health records. This web-based service gives you access to online payments, treasury management, claims tracking, practice dashboards, reporting and more.

HR Compliance, Payroll and Benefits Administration

Today, there are so many issues – and potential liabilities – involved in managing employees that many organizations are turning to professional employer organizations (PEOs) to save time, costs, and reduce risks.

McLean Insurance offers you special pricing from one of the best PEOs in the HR world. Our authorized partner can provide you with a full-service HR solution or handle individual functions such as HR compliance, benefits administration, workers comp administration, or payroll and tax reporting. Not only does the PEO assume the day-to-day details, it also helps you avoid employer liabilities.