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Personal Asset Insurance

Your investment advisors help you build wealth. McLean Insurance advisors help you protect it. That makes all the difference in how well you sleep at night, and how much financial freedom you continue to enjoy throughout your life. Because unless you have the right protections in place, an unforeseen event such as a lawsuit or sudden disability can wipe out the wealth you’ve built.

At McLean Insurance, we offer a full portfolio of wealth protection services, including:

  • Homeowner’s Insurance: with guaranteed replacement cost: Some policies cap replacement cost at 125% of your homes insured value at the time of loss, which sounds like more than enough coverage. However, construction costs continue to rise, it could fall short. For example, if your home is insured for $1,000,000, it might easily cost $1,500,000 to rebuild. A policy providing just 125% replacement cost coverage would only pay $1,250,000 and you would be $250,000 short on what is necessary to rebuild your home.
  • Umbrella Insurance: Provides protection in the event of a law suit filed against you. This is essential protection for anyone who owns a home, drives a car, or serves as a volunteer (e.g., coach, Scoutmaster, etc.). We offer umbrella insurance of up to $100,000,000.
  • Disability Insurance: What if you were injured in an accident or faced an extended treatment and recuperation with a health issue? This type of policy protects your ability to keep income flowing in while you are out of commission.
  • Life Insurance: Both spouses need coverage, even if they do not work outside the home. In the event of an unexpected death, the policy helps cover expenses such as child care, tuition and more.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance: This is a smart protection to have in place even if you are still decades away from your “golden years.” If, for example, you needed extensive rehabilitation from a sports or car accident, your health insurance might not cover your stay at a rehabilitation facility. With monthly fees costing thousands of dollars, your savings could quickly be drained.


  • Automobile Insurance: Buying automobile insurance is not as simple as many online providers would like for you to think. There are many things to consider, such as the amount of liability coverage, the comprehensive and collision deductibles. Picking the wrong amount of coverage can have some devastating results. Our experts are here to guide and help you find the best coverage which meets the needs of you and your family – at no additional cost to you!


  • Collector/Antique Vehicle Insurance: We have been helping insure collector and antique vehicles for over 30 years. Our team understands the importance of properly valuing your “baby” while ensuring competitive premiums.
  • Personal Watercraft Insurance (PWC): We help keep you and your water related toys protected while you have fun in the sun. There are a variety of coverage options available in this category. Liability & Collision coverage are certainly part of our consideration but so are Medical Payments and on water towing that could be important if an accident occurs.
  • Dwelling Insurance: Dwelling coverage differs from homeowners insurance in some key areas. Our team understands the nuances and also looks out for your financial interest while recommending such a coverage. We do all of this at no cost to you!
  • Renters Insurance: Affordable Insurance that can provide coverage on your prized possessions in the event of a loss (usually $15-$30 per month). Did you know that average renters insurance claim is approximately $18,000! Why risk your prized possessions for such minimal savings?
  • Valuable Items Insurance: Perfect coverage for sentimental and heirloom items that may not generally fall under homeowners insurance policy coverage. It certainly won’t serve as a replacement for your prized possessions but it will make you whole financially in the event of a loss.
  • Wedding Insurance: Planning your perfect day? Did you know that the average cost of a wedding is $29,000 or more? Can you afford to let weather or a vendor issue ruin it? With the right insurance you can enjoy peace of mind and secure protection from life’s uncertainties.|
  • Health insurance: In today’s political climate, health insurance availability and policy types continue to change. Navigating these changes is not easy! If you are a small business employee then let our experts help you figure out the best health insurance coverage for you – at no cost to you!


These are just a few examples of the types of wealth protection solutions we offer. To create the right risk management portfolio for your unique situation, contact us now.

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Now I Know - I never really understood the reason or benefit for working with any insurance "broker" or insurance agency. That is until I met PJ Baker. In the past, I just shopped around on my own. But PJ helped us find home owner's insurance when we sold one... Show All

Now I Know - I never really understood the reason or benefit for working with any insurance "broker" or insurance agency. That is until I met PJ Baker. In the past, I just shopped around on my own. But PJ helped us find home owner's insurance when we sold one house and bought our new house, when we were too stressed, rushed and harried to deal with one more piece of paper. She is always very responsive and efficient! Recently, we needed insurance for our boat and she took care of this for us and even immediately sent us an email with the documentation that we needed to register the boat. Very efficient and timely! Thank you PJ.

Geraldine A.
May 5, 2015

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