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Disability Insurance

Most people think that disability insurance is for individuals who become permanently disabled (ex: lose a limb, etc.). If you are of the same mindset then you may be surprised to learn that most disability insurance claims are actually filed for short-term disability (3 months or less).

In fact, 25% of American workers will become disabled for 3 or more months before they retire! According to the Money Pulse study by Bankrate.com in 2013, it was determined that 77% of Americans had cash-on-hand savings of only 3 months or less. The biggest insurance need for the wealthy is protecting their assets yet most people do not have a policy in place that would help assist in keeping the lifestyle they are accustomed to. Would you be able to meet your financial obligations if you were too ill or injured to work for an extended length of time?

Protect yourself and your financial obligations with Disability Income Insurance.

In the case of injury or illness, disability insurance can be a financial lifeline – whether you are out of commission for a few weeks or more than a year. Beyond replacing income, Disability Insurance can help you pay for disability-related costs that aren’t covered by health insurance. These include specialized medical equipment costs to home-based medical care costs.

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Working With Mike Feinberg - I really enjoyed working with Mike. I purchased life insurance and disability insurance through him, and he also helped a lot navigating the insanity of Obama-care. He's terrific and I have recommended him to others. Many thanks.

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Oct 27, 2015

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I have disability insurance provided by my employer. Isn’t that enough?

Most long-term disability programs from employer benefits provide a maximum of a taxable 60% of your previous income if you become totally disabled, with a maximum benefit between $5-10,000/mo.  Typically this is helpful, but does not provide everything you need!  If you are highly compensated, the maximums may in fact provide a very small percentage of your actual income.  A personal disability policy to supplement your benefits package is highly recommended!

What does “own-occupation” coverage mean?

Many policies have a definition of “Disability” that is linked to the job you do now – if you are unable to do that job, you are considered eligible for disability income benefits.  However, often this definition ends after 2 years of benefits and becomes “any-occupation.”  This means that if the insurer determines you are able to perform the duties of ANY occupation then you are no longer eligible for benefits.  Make sure any coverage you seek provides “own-occ” coverage for the duration of the policy!

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