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Valuable Items Insurance Coverage

From sentimental jewelry to priceless collectibles, your valuables are precious. Most people don’t realize the monetary worth of their accumulated possessions and in many cases; a homeowners policy doesn’t cover their full value. Rest assured, you can safeguard your possessions with Valuable Items Insurance Coverage.

McLean Insurance offers two types of Valuable Items Insurance Coverage

Personal Articles Floater :

  • Itemized coverage and assurance knowing that your belongings are appraised and insured to value
  • Separate protection just for valuables
  • Policies can be purchased separately
  • No deductible and insures against many risks
  • Ideal for more expensive articles with values that exceed a homeowners policy
  • Items can be covered on an itemized or blanket basis

Valuable Articles Rider :

  • Add-on coverage to homeowners insurance for higher limits on valuables and expanded protection
  • Collectively insures the total value of all property
  • No deductible and insures against many risks

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