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A Return to Work program, often abbreviated as RTW is a strategy businesses use to conserve valued employees and increase the productivity within a work environment.

A Return to Work Program is a ‘win-win’ for the employee and business. Injured employees who return to work regain their ability to earn a paycheck and work with their clients and associates. Their safe return to work also helps control claim costsreturn-to-work and reduces the need to recruit and train new employees.

A RTW program reduces costs by minimizing the impact of an employee’s injury or disability related to the cost of lost productivity time, permanent loss of an employee, and the use of disability leave benefits.

Transitioning employees back into the workplace can be done successfully and with consideration. Employee’s regular job responsibilities can be modified to accommodate any physical restraints they may have while building towards the ultimate goal of restoring the employees full potential and capabilities as early as possible.

McLean Insurance’s True Risk Profile Program provides a way for companies to assist employees who have suffered work related injuries or sickness, to return to their previous responsibilities and roles successfully, as soon as medically possible. To learn more, please visit: http://www.mcleaninsurance.com/services/corporate-insurance/

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