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Restaurant Insurance

A restaurant business can be rewarding – both financially and personally; however, it does come with its own share of risks. Whether it’s the risk of a kitchen fire, food spoilage due to equipment failure, a customer injury on premises or a customer suit for food poisoning. McLean Insurance Agency’s highly knowledgeable and experienced advisers are here to help you minimize your risk and increase your satisfaction of owning a restaurant.

Types Of Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant Insurance can consist of Business Property, Business Liability, Business Crime and Workers’ Compensation insurance.

  • Business Property Insurance: This type of insurance covers the building and all the contents of your restaurant including equipment, fixtures and furniture from covered causes of loss.
  • Business Liability Insurance: Business Liability insurance covers you from covered causes of injuries and accidents that may occur at your restaurant. It also covers you against any customer suits that are filed against your establishment. Click here to learn more about Business Liability Insurance.
  • Crime Insurance: Pilferage and theft are unfortunately much too common in the restaurant industry and this type of insurance protects you against such losses at you restaurant. Employee dishonesty is a cumulative crime but many restaurant owners are woefully uninsured or under insured in this area. For example: a book keeper has been stealing $10k/yr for the last 5-10 years and if you only have a $25,000 Employee Dishonesty coverage might not be sufficient.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance: As a business owner, you are legally liable for any illness or injury that your employee(s) suffer while on the job. Does that mean you only need to buy workers compensation insurance after you reach the state mandated number of employees?

The answer is an emphatic NO!

You need to purchase Workers’ Compensation insurance as soon as you hire your first employee! You can be subject to fines and penalties if you have an employee injured or become ill and you don’t have workers’ compensation. Click here to learn more about workers’ compensation insurance.

  • Identity Theft: Identity theft is a growing concern in our overly digital world. Your business can be held liable for any compromise of customer data. Are you properly covered to pay restitution and to comply with federal laws associated with identity theft? Learn more about identity theft and cyberliability insurance.
  • Umbrella Liability Insurance: You have worked hard to build your restaurant and your reputation is impeccable, however, a careless act by one of your employees who is dealing with personal issues causes all of your customers (50-75) to become sick one evening. They all sue you for medical bills, pain and suffering and lost time at work. Will you have enough liability insurance to prevent you from going out of business? What about restoring your reputation?
  • Auto Insurance: Covers your business vehicles that may be used for for catering and/or delivery purposes.

Why choose McLean Insurance for your Restaurant Insurance Needs?

  • Personalized Service – You will be treated as family and not a number. Plus, we are local, active in the community and have a solid understanding of a restaurant’s insurance needs
  • Trusted Advice – Our registered/licensed insurance agents with over 40 years of experience will work closely with you to determine needs and help ensure that you restaurant is adequately covered
  • Save Money – We will market your account for the broadest coverage at the most competitive rate available to you
  • Save Time – Our experts will do all the work so you don’t have to waste time researching and understanding complex insurance jargon
  • Risk Management – Our risk management approach helps you prevent a loss before it even happens and provides you with the appropriate safety training tools that can protect your business, employees and even customers