Small Business Healthcare

Recent changes in healthcare laws have many small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) wondering how these new laws impact them and whether they are expected to provide health insurance to their employees. To help guide you in the right direction, here’s a high-level view of the healthcare law for SMBs:

  • Employers with over 50 employees are required to provide health coverage plans under the new Affordable Care Act
  • Employers with less than 50 employees are NOT required to provide health coverage plans

If you are an employer with less than 50 employees and wish to offer health coverage plans to your employees then you can do your own due diligence by going through the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP).

However, if you prefer the guidance of an expert (at no cost to you) then McLean Insurance experts are here to help! Click here to schedule an appointment with our resident small business healthcare expert – Michael Feinberg.

Solutions For Your Employees

If you are a small business operator with less than 50 employees that wants to offer some sort of healthcare benefit to your staff without actually paying out of pocket and administering the plan then McLean Insurance experts can help your employees directly.

Simply share the following page with your employees to get them started: Small Business Employee Healthcare

Why choose McLean Insurance for your Employee Healthcare Needs?

  • Trusted Advice – Our local, licensed healthcare experts with over 100 years of combined experience will work closely with you to determine your needs and recommend options
  • Free Guidance – Our advice, quotes and enrollment assistance comes at NO COST TO YOU OR YOUR EMPLOYEES
  • Access To Wide Range Of Plans – Our experts have access to the same plans as offered through online exchanges. They include:
    • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Aetna/Innovation Health
    • United Healthcare
    • Kaiser Permanente
  • Save Money – We proactively identify federal subsidies and tax credits that could be easily missed by shoppers with little experience
  • Save Time– Our experts will do all the work so you don’t have to waste time researching and understanding complex healthcare coverage
  • Increase your bottom line – Healthy employees are more productive and should help you improve profitability

Ready To Discuss Your Options?

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