Homeowners Insurance

Did you know that 7% of all homeowners file a claim each year due to a loss*? Is your home properly insured?

Protect the value and equity of one of your single largest investments by insuring it adequately. Homeowners insurance can provide:

  • Property Protection: Helps replace or rebuild a home in the event of a total loss Learn more
  • Asset Protection: Covers you against liability claims Learn more
  • Personal Property Protection: Covers valuable possessions inside your home including furniture, art, jewelry, etc. Learn more

Why choose McLean Insurance for your Homeowners Insurance Needs?

  • Personalized Service – You will be treated as family and not a number. Plus, we are local, active in the community and have a solid understanding of insurance needs for luxury homes in the area.
  • Trusted Advice – Our registered/licensed insurance agents with over 40 years of experience will work closely with you to determine needs and help ensure that you won’t end up being under or over covered.
  • Save Money – We will shop multiple providers to find the best rate for you
  • Save Time – Our experts will do all the work so you don’t have to waste time researching and understanding complex insurance jargon.

Primary causes of homeowners insurance claims include:

Property Protection

Homeowners insurance can be very important in the event of a home damage or total loss. It is imperative that you select a policy that will help you cover the cost of rebuilding your home. Consider the following when selecting the value of your home policy:

  • Current upgrades or additions
  • Current rebuilding costs in your area
  • Age of your home since cost of rebuilding an older home can be even greater than rebuilding of a newer home

Given the rising cost of real estate and increase in rebuilding cost, it may be important for you to cover your home at 150% or more above the home’s current value. In many cases, carriers only offer policy options up to 125% above value whereas McLean Insurance works with several carriers that offer higher limits. Our homeowners insurance experts are available at 703-790-5770 to help you determine appropriate coverage for your property.

Asset Protection

In today’s world, it is not uncommon to see million dollar lawsuits for slips, falls, dog bites, etc. Therefore, asset protection can be an important component of a homeowners insurance policy.

Also, the explosion of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. has allowed consumers to share their views easily but sharing their viewpoints, likes and dislikes with ease has also increased liability risk. Libel and slander related lawsuits are becoming a common place in our society and unfortunately consumers are learning (the hard way) that their current homeowners policy only offers liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage. It does not cover for instances where there is no physical injury to the other party.

At Mclean Insurance we recommend protecting yourself and/or your family from such a risk by:

(1) Adding a personal injury endorsement to your homeowners insurance policy. This endorsement expands the definition of bodily injury to include libel or slander; defamation of character; false arrest, detention or imprisonment; invasion of privacy; wrongful entry or eviction; humiliation; or malicious prosecution. Please note that there are normally policy exceptions for intentionally causing harm.

(2) By purchasing an umbrella policy that also includes personal injury endorsement. The umbrella policy will also add additional liability limits, generally $1-$2 million dollars, above the limits of the underlying homeowners insurance policy.

Each of the above listed options extends to family members regardless of age. Check with your Mclean Insurance expert to determine if the liability limits on your policy are sufficient or if you should protect yourself by purchasing additional insurance.

Personal Property Protection

It is important to make sure that your personal property is adequately insured especially in the case of an unforeseen damage or theft. At Mclean Insurance, we highly recommend having a home inventory. It can be an easy as creating a list on a piece of paper or even documenting the household items with a video camera. We also recommend that you keep this list in a safe place away from the home. Here’s a free service from Insurance Information Institute that can help you with your home’s inventory quickly and easily. Click the button below to begin.




Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider when deciding on Homeowners coverage?

A  There are a variety of factors to consider when selecting homeowners insurance. For starters, you should consider what it would cost to rebuild your home today in case of a total loss. It is important to take any upgrades into account as such items may incur an additional cost to rebuild.

You should also consider the value of your possessions inside the home including but not limited to art, furniture, jewelry, coins, etc. It is important to make sure that your homeowners insurance will cover replacement of all property.

Additionally, you should make sure that you have liability coverage that is enough to protect you in case of a lawsuit filed due to an accident. Back to Top

How much home insurance coverage do I need?

A  The amount of home insurance coverage needed can differ significantly from individual to individual. At Mclean Insurance, we can determine the cost to rebuild your home in the event of a total loss with the help of electronic cost estimating programs and by conducting hands-on inspections.

It is important to carry insurance for not only the cost to rebuild your home but also for any extended replacement cost in the event of a widespread catastrophic loss or unexpected additional building charges. Back to Top

Depending on your individual needs, we have policies that include an additional 25% to a completely unlimited extended replacement cost coverage.  Our experts guide our clients towards liability coverage equal to or greater than their personal assets.  This way your personal wealth is protected in the event of a catastrophic lawsuit Back to Top

What are the advantages of using an Independent Agent v. finding insurance on my own?

A  There are several advantages of using an independent insurance agent. For starters, we have access to multiple carriers. This allows us to ensure that you are afforded the best coverage at a competitive price. We can also save you time and hassle of shopping multiple carriers. Most of all, our knowledgeable advisors look out for your best interest and can offer guidance on important topics that may not be familiar to you. Back to Top

What deductibles should I carry?

A  The purpose of insurance is to protect you from economic ruin in the event of a catastrophic loss.  With that said, the deductible is the amount of out of pocket expense you will have when filing a claim.  The larger the deductible, the lower your premium, but you must be able to financially absorb that portion of the loss if you need to file a claim. Back to Top

Is my personal property covered in my homeowners policy?

A Yes, your personal property is generally covered in your homeowners policy. However, there are limits on the losses that can be claimed. Mclean Insurance recommends taking a home inventory to better understand limits of your coverage and in some cases, higher coverage maybe your best option. Back to Top

Are there any advantages to bundling my coverage?

A  Yes! Mclean Insurance works with many insurance carriers that offer a large discount when they cover multiple policies. This is especially true for bundling homeowners and automobile coverage.

Also, bundling allows the Mclean Insurance team to fully understand and assess your coverage needs so we can create a personalized coverage that completely covers your exposures, while maximizing all available discounts. Back to Top

Are there exclusions in my policy that I should be aware of?

A  Most policies come with exclusions; however, these exclusions can vary from policy to policy. Common exclusions include neglect, intentional loss, war, etc. We recommend discussing your policy in detail with your Mclean Insurance Agent so you are well aware of all the exclusions listed in your policy. Back to Top

I own a condo. How does a condo insurance policy differ?

A  In the area of personal liability and personal property, condo owners insurance is very similar to homeowners insurance. However, condo insurance does have some specific provisions.

Condo associations generally purchase insurance policy that covers the building along with the structure. The condo owner is expected to purchase a condo owners policy that covers personal property and the structure inside the four walls of the unit. Back to Top

I rent out a portion of my property to a tenant. Are my tenants covered under my homeowners policy?

A  No. Only your property and the structure are covered by your policy. Mclean Insurance recommends that the tenant purchase their own renters insurance to protect against loss of their personal property.  Back to Top

What is renters insurance?

A  Renters insurance is insurance specifically of tenants. This type of insurance not only protects renters from personal property losses in case of a catastrophe but also against personal liability claims. It is estimated that over 60% of renters do not currently have such insurance and are leaving themselves open to significant losses. Are you covered? If not, we recommend you call us experts at your earliest. Back to Top

In the event of a loss, can my coverage be dropped?

A  Generally, an insurance carrier will not drop you after one loss, however, in case of frequent losses, your coverage could be jeopardized.  As a Trusted Advisor, we will help you to navigate the claims arena.Back to Top