Travel Insurance

Are you a jet setting businessperson or an individual who loves to experience the world? Are you prepared for the unexpected that may arise during your travels such as a medical issue, a trip interruption or a baggage delay? Well, worry no more!

McLean Insurance wants you to explore the world knowing you have insurance coverage, services and resources that enhance your travel security and peace of mind, regardless of your location.

Travel Insurance policies available through McLean Insurance are:

Inclusive –  You and family are protected 24/7/365 during business and pleasure travel, no matter the destination

Customized – Coverage and services are tailored to meet your unique needs

Continuous – Unlike policies offered by travel websites and other travel services, one annual premium covers any and all travel throughout the year, there’s no need to activate on a trip-by-trip basis

The benefits of a Travel Insurance policy include:

● Medical Evacuation
● Excess Medical Expense
● Political Evacuation
● Felonious Assault
● Trip Delay Coverage
● Baggage Delay Coverage
● Travel Assistance Services

McLean Insurance works with several highly reputed insurance carriers that offer Travel Insurance. Please click below to read details of each of their programs:

Chubb Insurance (Click to download)

Chubb Travel Insurance Brochure







Why choose McLean Insurance for your Travel Insurance?

Personalized Service – You will be treated as family not a number. Plus, we are local, active in the community and have a good understanding of Travel Insurance needs

Trusted Advice – Licensed insurance agents with over 50 years of combined experience in travel insurance work closely with you to determine needs; discuss the right type of coverage for you and help ensure that you won’t end up being under or over insured.

Independent Focus – We work with over 50 top travel insurance providers and can help you select the best pricing, coverage, and underwriting for your needs.

Thorough approach – We fact-find thoroughly at the beginning of the process in order to ensure that our initial recommendations are realistic and attainable.

Already have Travel Insurance but wondering if it’s enough? Call 703-790-5770 to discuss your specific situation with a McLean Insurance expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Travel Insurance?

A Travel Insurance is an annual insurance policy that offers worldwide coverages and services to help in emergencies and to make travel easier for customers who travel frequently for business or pleasure.

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What are the top three reasons to purchase Travel Insurance?

A This policy delivers a compelling package:

Comprehensive: Those covered are insured 24/7/365 during business and pleasure travel, no matter how many trips are taken or where they travel.

Innovative: Coverages and services including upgrades offer a tailored solution to meet your unique needs. These may not be available with common travel insurance.

Seamless: One annual premium covers travel throughout the year, there’s no need to activate on a trip-by-trip basis.

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What are the coverage options?

A Individuals or families choose from two levels of Travel Insurance coverage:

Essential and Enhanced, which provides higher coverage limits. Please refer to the Travel Insurance brochures, which lists the details for each.

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Does Travel Insurance contracts vary by state?

A  Yes, there are product variations by state.

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Does a Travel Insurance policy cover a domestic partner?

A Yes, a domestic partner or same-sex-partner is a covered person.

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Are nannies/domestic employees covered as traveling companions?

A  In some states, travel Insurance extends coverage to domestic employees of the insured. Please refer to the sample contract, which is made available to you when quoting a policy.

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What are the coverage considerations for dependent children of the insured?

A In most states, dependent children up to age 19 (or under age 25 if classified as a full-time student) are considered covered persons. Coverage for a child of the insured would cease on their birthday as soon as the child stopped meeting the definition of Dependent Child(ren).


Children beyond 19 years of age if permanently mentally or physically challenged and incapable of self-support are eligible for coverage. Please see the policies applicable in your state for details.

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Does a pre-existing condition negate coverage?

A  If a covered person or family member is sick or injured, requiring a doctor’s care, and diagnosis and treatment is within the 60 days prior to the original inception date of coverage, a claim for certain benefits may be denied. The pre-existing condition applies to benefits other than medical and evacuation.

Pre-existing conditions also applies to Event Ticket, Golf Green Fees, Trip Cancellation, and Trip Interruption. A person with a pre-existing condition does NOT mean a person taking regular medication, such as blood pressure pills or cholesterol medication for a controlled illness.

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Can a customer be reimbursed for chartering his/her own aircraft home in the event of a medical emergency?

A All travel coverage related to sickness or accident must be pre-approved by the program administrator. The administrator may arrange emergency aircraft to help transport the client to appropriate care, but will generally arrange commercial air travel if the client is well enough to return home on his or her own.

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Where/when is this coverage valid?

A Travel Insurance consists of two major benefits sections: Accident and Travel, both of which apply 24/7. The Accident benefits apply to accidental injury or death, whether the covered person is in their living room or traveling across the globe. Most of the Travel benefits, which respond to injury, illness, trip delay and baggage delay, apply when a covered person is on a covered trip, generally over 100 miles from home. Excess medical benefits for sickness are available when a customer is traveling outside of the U.S.


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Where can I find more information regarding the specific coverage options?

A Contact a McLean Insurance agent at 703-790-5770 to learn more about Travel InsuranceBack to Top